Premium Estate and Block

Qube is a Company closely linked to the prime London residential market. We manage some of London’s top new residential developments, and we are proud of this fact. Beside this core market we can provide management services to more established developments such as 1900’s mansion blocks and period conversions to larger mixed-use estates, you can rely on Qube to provide a premium management service.


Our building managers are there to deal with all the tasks that surround the day-to-day running of your development.

  • Managing the on-site concierge team to ensure they are providing the highest possible standard of service.
  • Communicating directly with leaseholders, to keep them informed of all important news and property updates.
  • Managing maintenance and repair routines and dealing quickly and efficiently with any problems to minimise disruption.

Our Building Managers are given authority to manage their developments and to take responsibility, this ensures that local decisions can be made quickly to react to any issues that occur and to help maintain the building security and functionality and ultimately the wellbeing of the residents in-situ.