Maintaining And Repairing Your Buildings

Careful and prompt repair and maintenance is an essential part of the management of your development.

The maintenance staff work under the guidance of our property managers to ensure that your buildings are kept problem-free and in excellent working order.


We assure you of the following in regards repair and maintenance:

  • Our property managers work with our site managers in undertaking regular
    inspections of your development to identify problems and schedule the necessary repairs
  • Regular maintenance is carried out to prevent faults that could inconvenience your residents
  • We look after the central Landlord utility supplies for your development – including water, electricity, heating, gas and where applicable air conditioning and audio – visual – to keep your residents happy and comfortable

If we need to use outside contractors, we insist on seeing all relevant health and safety and insurance documentation. We also ask them to provide a risk assessment of the work environment which protects you from any legal approaches in the event of an accident.

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