Estate Management Consultancy Specialisms

The complexity of many schemes is such that many estate agency practices, acting on behalf of the developer and investor clients, do not have the background expertise or indeed the time to fully assess the Estate Management needs of the development. Qube can provide an Estate Management consultancy service to the developer and agency investment team.

  • Assessment of the likely legal structure
  • Assessment of the likely Heads of Expenditure
  • An outline draft budget and service charge schedule
  • Continued review and updating of the services required
  • Production of written Scheme of Management

London’s skyline changes daily as more and more skyscrapers appear. The capital is responding to an ever increasing expectation to make best use of its scarce land. The Qube team are able to apply their breadth of experience to vertical living.

The interesting aspect to tower development is to be able to visualize the logistical issues affecting vertical living. The transportation of both people providing services and goods is challenging. Well designed and thought through management plans can ensure these challenges are met.

With newly built schemes, and following the consultancy service we can offer, we are able to provide the on-going property management service. The consultant, however, will retain close contact with the client post completion to ensure their expectations are being met and that the service delivery is as it should be.

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